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A Simply Smashing Symposium!
To the members of the CDS Executive Board: Thank you so very much for the highly educational and most enjoyable Symposium on 1. February 2015 with Lilo Fore and Judy Harvey. I can fully appreciate the hours and time that went into organizing this symposium. Please know that your efforts are so greatly appreciated! I very much enjoyed listening to Judy Harvey during the Charlotte Dujardin clinic and was happy to know she was coming back. I was incredibly thrilled to know that 5* judge (and one of “our own”!) Lilo Fore would be presenting at this symposium. This was a “must see” event. I thought the format was excellent with Lilo's commentary as the Judge at “C” and Judy's commentary as the Judge on the side. This was very beneficial to hear comments from each clinician's respective position as the movements were performed Judy's observations with regard to American dressage tests versus those in the UK was very helpful as well. She appreciated how just one word can change how a rider reads and understands the given movement. When she asked “Why renvers?” I could have jumped over the rail and given her a huge hug! Lilo's ability to immediately see the issue; explain it; expand upon it, and provide solutions was MORE than worth the price of admission! What a gifted judge, trainer, rider, and teacher she is and how lucky we were to have her there on Sunday.

To the demonstration riders: Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to participate. In doing so, you have done all of us such a great educational service. I overheard one of the riders during the lunch break lamenting a score that was given during a particular movement, but for the audience, it became the perfect teaching moment and of such value to all. Throughout the symposium, I felt such huge support and thanks for all of the riders!

To the sponsors: This symposium could not have been done without your financial support and backing. Thank you for appreciating the value of this symposium and for bringing it to us. I look forward to seeing the filmed version as there are many teaching points to review again. Thank you!

To the Carmel Valley, Fresno, and Gavilan Chapters: I won the auction for each of your baskets! It was quite a lovely haul to take home and all for a good cause. Thank you to your membership for the careful thought that went into selecting the contents of each basket...from a double bridle (!!) to Fresno bamboo socks and WONDERFUL wine! My wine cellar is replenished and I am as happy as a demented clam.

To the CDS volunteers: You are the heart and soul of this organization. Thank you for your warm welcome, smiling faces, and hard work.

CDS has provided so many outstanding symposiums to the membership over the years including bringing Kyra Kyrklund. I realize that times change and many events are asking for our dollars and time. It is my sincere hope that the membership will continue to support these educational symposiums in the years to come.
Warm regards, Susi Gordon, MD


CDS thanks these generous sponsors:, Lisa Seger Insurance, Five Star Dressage, Mount St. John, Schleese Saddlery, The Dressage Foundation, Kastel Denmark, Equine Originals, SmartPak, Trafalgar Books, EQyss, and Emotional Fitness Super Clinic.


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This program also is sponsored in part by the Violet Hopkins Fund from the Dressage Foundation. The Violet Hopkins Fund provides financial asistance to USDF GMOs, to conduct educational clinics and seminars for Dressage Riders at all levels. The Dressage Foundation administers and funds this program, making it possible for tweny to thirty GMO clinics each year, at an approximate total cost of $35,000 annually,





USDF CDS Championship September 25-28, 2014

On Saturday evening, September 27, 2014, the California Dressage Society was honored to present a career celebration and special performance of the renowned Grand Prix dressage mare and U.S. Olympic Team member Rafalca as part of the 47th Annual CDS Championship Show at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank, Cal. In her final public performance, Rafalca came home to California to perform her wildly-popular Grand Prix freestyle one last time with rider Jan Ebeling for a packed crowd of her adoring fans who honored her with a standing ovation. For those of you who couldn't share this incredible and emotional moment with us in person, CDS is happy to share this video of Rafalca's "last dance." Enjoy!..

The California Dressage Society, formed in 1967, is a non-profit organization devoted to furthering interest in dressage. It is one of the largest dressage organizations in the nation with more than 4,000 individual members in its 36 Chapters and a rich history of equestrian sport on the West Coast.

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