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A CLEAR METHOD Dr.Gail Hoff is the creator of Harmonic Dressage ® , a method of training which focuses upon balance, harmony, and performance through systematic steps based on the classical training scale as applied to the biomechanics of each individual horse and the needs of each rider. With more than 50 years of experience, Gail is a USEF “S" Dressage judge, “R" Western Dressage judge and “R" Dressage Sport Horse Breed judge, USDF Gold Medalist, Grand Prix level Dressage trainer, coach, clinician and sport horse breeder. She has the unique ability to quickly diagnose the weakest links a rider at any level is facing and find methods to implement improvement.
Owner of Los Alamos Dressage Center located in Ojai, CA, Gail teaches throughout Ventura Co, Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez and does clinics and seminars nationwide.
Contact: 805 212-6999,,

ALLIDA JANTZ ALLEN DRESSAGE  Allida Allen is located in Soquel, California, between Watsonville and Santa Cruz. Allida is an FEI level trainer and competitor who has worked and trained in England and Germany. She offers 19 years of experience training with some of the best trainers including Karin Rhebein and Sandy Pfleuger and showing for some of the top facilities in the world including Paxton Farms and Gronwohldhof. Her philospophy reflects a classic training style and she believes in training correctly from the beginning in order to achieve true harmony with the horse. She and her students have enjoyed success at all levels of showing. Allida is based out of two barns, minutes apart, that offer all the amenities a horse and rider competing at any level might need. Excellent feed and footing combined with a fitness program that includes turn out and trail rides keep the horses physically and mentally sound. Email or phone (805) 712-7355.

AMELIA NEWCOMB DRESSAGE:  Amelia is one of the few trainers who can take an unbroken young horse and train it all the way up to the Grand Prix. Amelia offers a unique combination of natural horsemanship and classical dressage training to create a trusting and confident relationship between horse and rider. She has a solid background in starting young horses and in developing “problem” horses into competitive dressage horses. The focus with the horses is always to develop both their confidence and respect for the rider. Amelia has successfully competed numerous “problem” horses and horses that she started herself under saddle through the Grand Prix. Amelia is also passionate about teaching and helping her students progress with their horses. Amelia also specializes in the piaffe and passage training and starts the horses with the work in hand. She values her education and frequently clinics with Juan Matute, Morten Thompsen, and Christine Traurig. Amelia hopes to one day represent the U.S. at the Olympics. She is located at Spirit Equestrian Center in Somis, CA and Amelia is willing to travel to your facility! Contact: 720/838-0990,


ANGELA RIDGWAY DRESSAGE   Angela Ridgway is an FEI level dressage trainer and instructor. She has been creating independent, thinking riders since 1990 and believes in a quiet, subtle approach to training. Angela focuses on bio-mechanics of both horse and rider to create "balance in movement". Emphasis is placed on helping riders achieve a functional, effective, and elegant position. She is teaching and training out of Arriba Vista Ranch, set on 220 acres in the rolling foothills of beautiful Sunol Valley on Highway 680 between Pleasanton and Fremont. For information regarding training or clinics, call (925) 895-2377 or email:

ANGIE TAYLOR DRESSAGE Angie Taylor has been riding horses for more than 3 decades. She has developed many successful young horses and riders, and progressed them through FEI level.
Angie is unique in her ability to effectively articulate the biomechanics of riding in a way that is easily understood and meaningful to her students. She is able to quickly pinpoint issues, explain why and how they block the aids, and then show her students exactly how to make corrections. All her students demonstrate immediate new found awareness and understanding of how to use their body and the aids to be effective in a subtle and harmonious way.
Angie has studied with Michael Etherly a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist as well as clinicians Christine Traurig, Dietrich Von Hopfgarten, Liz Searle and Charles De Kunffy. She also spent 5 years as a working student with Janet Peters at Steffen Peters Delta Farms Barn in Rancho Santa Fe. She has completed coursework at the International Society of Rider Biomechanics and is presently studying at Equinox.
Angie is currently accepting horses for sale/training and riders of all levels interested in the serious study and understanding of Dressage. Located in San Marcos,just minutes from Del Mar and all major freeways. Contact: or 858-335-8832.

ARIANE REZVANI -Silver Cup Training is a full time horse training operation focusing on dressage. I have 25 years of teaching and training experience that includes a lifetime of riding. I have operated my business for the last 10 years out of Golden Hills Farm located in Paso Robles, California. Golden Hills Farm is a 100 acre private facility owned by Kent and Dorreene Gilmore. Facilities include 3 outdoor arenas, 1 covered arena, a covered round pen, a gallop track, and many open miles of trails. Only a limited number of horses and students are taken. Each client receives one on one time to determine needs and goals. Goals can be simple or extensive, in the end the journey is yours. A balance of arena work as well as outside riding (track and trail) is included in the training routine. Ariane Rezvani is a USDF Certified Instructor through 2nd Level, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, and USDF "L" program graduate. For additional information please go to or contact me directly at (805) 712-4561.

BARBI BREEN-GURLEY - SEA HORSE RANCH  Barbi Breen-Gurley offers instruction, training and long and short term boarding at Sea Horse Ranch, overlooking the ocean on the Central Coast. She teaches interested students at any level of ability, emphasizing correct basics, safety and that "Riding Toward Excellence" can be fun. She is an S Dressage Judge. 2566 Sea Horse Lane, Los Osos, CA 93402, 805-528-0222, 805-528-4464 (fax)

BARGLOW DRESSAGE - Katy Barglow is an Grand Prix rider and trainer, a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist, a Bronze and Gold Bar holder, a USEF "r" dressage judge and "R" judge candidate, and a National Examiner for the Dressage Specialty Ratings of the United States Pony Club. She has trained horses from just-broke to Grand Prix and earned numerous state and national titles along the way. Katy specializes in working with junior riders and hard-working adult amateurs (with lessons offered in the evenings and early mornings, as well as weekends), from beginners through FEI, focusing on correct basics. Her students have earned many USDF bronze and silver medals, competed through Grand Prix, and been successful at the CDS Championship show and NAJYRC. She enjoys working with all her students towards greater harmony and communication between horse and rider, correct development of the horse, physically and mentally, through correct training, and a greater joy in riding. Katy offers lessons and training at the beautiful Fairmont Riding Club on the Danville/Pleasanton border, and is currently accepting new students looking for a competitive yet fun and highly supportive environment. Email, call 510-676-2152, or visit for more information.

BETHANY   WALLACE  of Dreamtime Sport Horses is an FEI level dressage
trainer and instructor. She is a USDF Bronze Medalist and is ARIA
Certified to teach dressage and jumping. With over 10 years of
full-time professional horse training experience and over 30 years of
experience riding, showing, and caring for horses, Bethany has a
wealth of knowledge to draw upon as a horsewoman when training and
teaching. Her focus is on using correct and kind training techniques
to develop happy athletes, for both horses and riders!
Bethany trains out of beautiful Willowbrook Stables, in Petaluma, CA.
Please take a look at her website or
contact her via phone at (619) 850-5923 or email at

DEL MAR DRESSAGE 619-871-2795  Bettina Loy is the owner and head trainer of Del Mar Dressage currently training out of Savoir Faire Stable in San Marcos. Del Mar Dressage is a well-respected training, competition and sales barn. The facility offers exceptional service in a supportive environment. It is top notch with a covered full size dressage court and a eurociser. The footing is excellent and is watered and dragged twice daily. The stalls are cleaned twice daily and hay is fed three times a day. Two custom style barns allow up to 40 horses. Both are well ventilated and offer either an in/out option or spacious 16x20 stalls. The barns are fully automated with an organic fly spray system and generously bedded with shavings.
Bettina Loy began her riding career and lifelong passion for horses in Germany at the age of 11, riding and training with German trainers noted for their commitment to Classical Dressage. She has ridden and worked with Dietrich von Hopfgarten, Klaus Balkenhol, Jo Hinneman, Gunter Seidel, Christine Traurig, Sue Blinks, Steffen Peters and Conrad Schumacher. Bettina trains clients and horses at various levels from beginner through FEI. Bettina is currently accepting new clients and horses into training. Please contact her at 619-871-2795


BLAZICK DRESSAGE Erin Blazick is a USDF Silver and Bronze medalist, a USDF Certified Instructor-Trainer and a Graduate of the USDF ‘L’ Program with Distinction. Blazick Dressage is located in Lake View Terrace, CA; just 15 minutes north of Burbank. Erin’s systematic approach to teaching maximizes her students potential as they progress up the levels. Re-enforcing correct basics and a classical approach makes her horses happy to work hard and willing to learn. Erin tailors each lesson or training program to the specific needs of every horse and rider team. We welcome everyone, from beginners to experienced riders. It is never too early to start improving! Lesson horses are available for all skill levels. Feel free to contact Erin with questions by phone @(707)953-1227, or email, or check out our website

BRIAN HAFNER DRESSAGE - The team at Brian Hafner Dressage is dedicated to providing top notch training for horse and rider, in a relaxed yet focused atmosphere. Training is focused on a balanced and correct foundation, consistency, and the well-being of the horse.
Brian is a FEI level dressage rider with a proven record of success. He is a USEF Elite Grand Prix “A” list rider, a US Team member in the 2014 Nation Cup Teams, a Top Six USEF National Champion at Grand Prix, a Brentina Cup Champion, and numerous other prestigious accolades and accomplishments.
Brian’s experience taking young dressage prospects to the International levels, and coaching adult amateur riders into the ribbons and medals is especially valuable in equine sales. Matchmaking horse and rider with the future in mind, is a specialty.
Training is offered out of beautiful Sky Ridge Ranch in Sonoma, California. Warmblood-sized stalls, impeccable grounds with views of the vineyards, and groom-support make the environment at Brian Hafner Dressage idyllically beautiful and fun.
Contact Brian Hafner Dressage at 805-400-0231, or visit for more information on training, horse sales, and clinic availability.

CALDWELL DRESSAGE - With two locations in Rancho Santa Fe and Poway, Caldwell Dressage prides itself in being one of the friendliest and most accomplished dressage barns in San Diego. We offer individual lessons as well as packages and school horses are available. Learn from Tina Caldwell, a seasoned FEI instructor and her assistant Bonnie Walker, a biomechanics specialist to give yourself every advantage. Whether you are just beginning or have your sites on FEI, Caldwell Dressage can assist you on your journey. Join the great group of people we already have and be a part of something special! Visit our website at or phone (858) 337-2863.

CENTERED RIDING and DRESSAGE - Carla Bauchmueller has just moved to California from Germany. She is a trainer level A (highest trainer level in Germany), a Centered Riding instructor (Sally Swift), level 3, and a yoga instructor. This unique combination gives her the tools to help riders from beginners to professionals. - Improve your body awareness for balanced, harmonious and successful riding. Carla gives clinics in California and Europe. She is also available for private lessons. She will travel to your facility. - Get 50% off your first private lesson. Visit her website or contact Carla at or (510) 423-0644.


The Christiane Noelting Dressage Center offers top quality services in the development of the horse and rider from novice to Grand Prix level. With excellent equestrian education in Germany, many years of training and teaching in Germany and over 30 years experience in the US, Christiane and her staff are skilled in all facets of horse and rider training, as well as breeding Hanoverians and Oldenburgs. Christiane is a licensed USEF “r“ Dressage judge.
CNDC is located close to Interstate 80, only 55 miles east of San Francisco and 35 miles west of Sacramento.
6954 Lewis Road | Vacaville, CA 95687  707-454-0565

CLAUDIA ROBERTS, owner of Pacific Dressage, LLC, USDF Bronze medalist, USDF “L” Program graduate, offers Training Level thru FEI instruction in classical dressage. Based out of the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center in Lake View Terrace, she has training programs designed with both horse and rider in mind.  Specializes in sports psychology having earned a masters degree in the field.  The facility offers a variety of boarding options, large turn out pens, two full size dressage courts, a number of jumping arenas, miles of safe trails in and around the National Forest, and four rated dressage shows per year.  Please call Claudia for further information @ 818/256-6080 and check out the website @

COLLEEN REID established the Equine Sports Complex in 1993 and has been at this location since 2001. She operates a full service boarding/training/teaching Dressage facility. She manages 40 head of horses, in addition to a full schedule of teaching, training, and showing. Trained in classical Dressage tradition, she combines this with her education in and knowledge of modern Biomechanics. In addition to having graduated with distinction from the L Program and having earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals, Colleen has more than 15 years’ experience on a top breeding and show farm, prior to starting her own facility. This combination of experience gives her the daily hands-on knowledge of horses and horsemanship that keeps the horses and riders under tutelage advancing through the ranks, sound and content. By combining her day to day dressage training with the modern tool of a Riding Simulator, known affectionately as "Simon", Colleen offers the best of old and new world teaching and training techniques, enabling her students to reach National Ranking at all levels through Grand Prix. Equine Sports Complex 916.717.7286

DAAN Denise Nelson-Finster and DAAN Sporthorses is located in the beautiful mountains of Anza, California where her facility is centrally located between Los Angeles and San Diego, near Temecula. We work with amateurs and junior riders using an exciting list of experienced dressage horses. Bring your own horse or work with one of ours, we love to show. Our atmosphere is warm and friendly. We stress excellence with absolute attention to the horse. Dressage is about a finely tuned relationship with these incredible horses. This relationship is encouraged and developed expertly. We are proud to be working with the Scholastic Equestrian Team of Palm Desert as their dressage coach. Denise has her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and is an experienced FEI competitor.
We encourage inquires at;; 951/972-2653.

FEI Rider and USDF gold medalist David Blake offers training of horse and rider through the levels to Grand Prix. He is located at Arroyo Del Mar San Diego. He specializes in helping you to achieve your goals, whether starting you and your horse's show career, or advancing you and your horse's skills to the FEI levels.


ZOLA "DAVIRRO" Wheeler: USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist. USDF Certified Instructor/L Judge. USET Long List 1980-1985. LAEC Grand Prix Dressage Champion. Over 30 years Dressage Instruction and Training experience, Training Level to Grand Prix. Available for Clinics, Instruction and Judging. Grass Valley. 530-272-8663  email:

DRESSAGE AND SPORT HORSES by Renee. FEI and CDI competitor, Renee Johnson, has raised, trained and shown horses since 1987. Winning numerous National USDF Horse of the Year Awards, CDS Horse of the Year Awards and Regional Championships with her horses, Ulla (by Kamuela), Kamuela, Kai, Inxs, Milky Way. Renee earned her Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals on horses she has trained herself - from their very first backing through FEI. Training under Mr. Conrad Schumacher for the last eight years, Renee has refined her riding skills under his classical guidance. Mr. Schumacher's exclusive clinics have been instrumental in bringing her Dutch stallion, Kamuela, to Grand Prix. Renee is available to help you develop your horse. Lessons and full or part training are available in Clovis, near Fresno and Ram Tap. Clinics and coaching services are available, please inquire. Renee is also available for judging; licenced by USEF dressage judge (r). All inquires: 559.260.0620. or email

DRESSAGE GETAWAY is a 10 acres riding facility in Indio. This is the headquarters for the dressage Getaway Horse Shows held in Thermal, California. Patricia Aiken is owner and trainer. She is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist. Patricia has a few school horses she can teach with from beginner to Grand Prix. It is a private facility with a covered arena, turnouts and an open field for hacking. The old world style barn stays cool in the warm months. The walls are block and the roof is clay tile. The structure is also cooled by misters and fans in each stall. Horses are accepted on a short term basis. Call Patricia Aiken at 760 702 0528 or e-mail you can also visit our website
visit us and take the unique opportunity to further your dressage education by watching streamed videos on your desktop, of the most respected dressage talent from around the world. See and hear superior local and Olympic talent, train and ride in authentic, unedited, unchoreographed schooling sessions. The intent is to allow one to learn by seeing the riders influence on the horse and the horses influence on the rider.  If you have ever wondered what the judge sees and what constitutes a given score you can find the answers here. The "Judges View" allows the highly educated eye of our esteemed judges to explain in detail, by movement, how scores were awarded…. and....last but not least we have to think about the overall well being of horse and rider, things such as equine chiropractics and massage, rider fitness, how to choose a dressage horse, saddle fitting, hoof care and much more can be found under the "Specialty Content" tab and throughout the website.

DRESSAGE TRAINING AND BOARDING – BELL CANYON.  Boarding and Dressage Training is available at a private facility in Bell Canyon. Please call Caroline Hoffman 818-326-9001.

EMILY LASHER  - Absolutely every horse is a unique individual and to achieve success each must be approached differently. Do you have a horse with a rearing issue? Does your horse have trouble trailer loading? Are you getting frustrated with your young horse? Each of these problems originates from poor horse and handler communication. Emily Lasher Dressage works to effectively support each horse or horse and rider pair in clearing up these misunderstandings. Emily Lasher has been starting and training dressage horses for over 15 years helping each horse work to his or her full potential. She has worked with Dressage horses of all breeds and levels. Young horses in training with her acquire confidence and trust and willingness to tackle every challenge. Emily’s clients, with a basic understanding of dressage fundamentals, are able to go on to easily pursue anything from trail riding, eventing, jumping, reining, or skijoring. Emily’s background has produced many successful FEI horses and riders as well, dressage being her ultimate competition goal. Emily trains out of the greater Rancho Santa Fe area. She can be contacted at 619-865-1571,, or through

EMILY TEARS - Emily has been an active exhibitor in the Southern California dressage community since a young age and is currently training out of Circle P Ranch in Escondido, CA. She is a recipient of numerous CDS and USDF awards as well as a member of the 2007 gold medal team at the North American Young Rider Championships. She has experience at all levels, from the developing horse through Grand Prix. She also has a B.S. in Animal Science from Cal Poly Pomona giving her an extensive knowledge of proper equine care. Emily welcomes all levels and breeds and looks forward to helping you and your horse achieve your goals. Full, half, and quarter training options are available and if you do not own a horse yourself, she even has a lesson horse available! For more information please visit her website at or you can contact her via phone (949) 233-3171 or email her at

ERIKA JANSSON Erika moved to USA from Sweden in 1997 and has worked with private stables until now. She has accepted the position as Santa Rosa Equestrian Centers new Dressage Trainer. Please feel free at any time to call her even if you just have a question about your horse(s) that you would like to have answered. She offers, private dressage lessons, lower to advanced. Help educate your horse within the lesson, for competition or sale and much more. She has monthly cavaletti clinic’s at SREC. To learn more about Erika please visit her website at, e-mail her at or call her at 707-326-7612.

ESTHER DAVIS DRESSAGE TRAINING - Esther is a registered British Horse Society certified instructor who has specialised in dressage in England, Germany, Holland and the United States helping dressage enthusiasts advance their riding skills and horses ability. Esther is a very talented rider who possesses a unique ability to put across to her students the feel and understanding of classically correct dressage. She is available for training in the Los Angeles/Conejo Valley area and will travel to clinics. Returning from the United Kingdom January 2015.  Contact phone 8183354018
Email -   A  CV is available upon email request.

EURO-QUEST FARMS CENTER FOR DRESSAGE. Come see our brand new beautiful and impressive training center located on the Danville/Pleasanton border. Euro-Quest Farms was established in 1984 and is owned and run by USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist, Heidi Knipe. It has always been our desire to provide the finest quality services to the dressage enthusiast in instruction, training, showing, and sales. We offer instruction and training from beginning through FEI and have a thriving, fun and supportive adult amateur and Jr/Yr program. Our personalized training programs are designed for both horse and rider combinations as well as specifically for the horse. Euro-Quest Farms proudly offers top quality imported and consignment horses for sale. We also specialize in European buying tours to find that special horse for you. We have a long standing relationship with top breeders and trainers throughout Europe, and organize trips for our clients to Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Portugal. We are currently accepting a limited number of horses to our training program. Make and appointment to come see us and our new facility. (510)755-9700,

EUROPEAN EQUESTRIAN CONCEPTS is the home of Karen Ball Dressage. Karen and EEC are dedicated to the advancement and education of each horse and rider in training. Located at The Oaks in San Juan Capistrano, California, EEC offers a competitive training program amongst beautiful relaxing scenery.

EEC offers a variety of services and opportunities. At EEC, you'll see daily work training competitive horses and riders from beginning to advanced levels.

Our riders compete Nationally and Internationally and our horses have qualified for state and regional finals from Training level through Grand Prix. Owner and trainer Karen Ball is a successful Dressage coach of many JR/YR riders, who have received High Point Honors and have qualified for National Clinics and/or Teams as well as FEI International JR/YR Teams.

Additionally, European Equestrian Concepts is an official contact to the Holsteiner Federation, Elmshorn-Germany. Import, consulting, and sale opportunities are available. Also, personalized sales trips to Europe are available. Please contact us for more information.

EVA KING DRESSAGE is located in Davis, CA, and offers lessons and training for beginning riders through the upper levels. School horses are available at my facility, and I will travel to local barns. I hold my USDF Bronze Medal, and am halfway to earning my Silver Medal, on horses I have trained myself. I enjoy combining the principles of classical dressage and horsemanship in my training, to ensure a happy horse, and rider. Additionally, I am the Assistant Trainer to Susan Treabess of Winters, CA, where together we run Winterhaven Dressage & Horsemanship. Lessons & training are available at both sites, Winters & Davis. Our specialities include young horse starting and training, where we can care for the most serious of competitors or simply improve your riding relationship with your horse. Plenty of options available to suit your needs. Give us a call today! & 530/400-7506



Faith Grimm is a USDF Bronze and Silver recipient with over 30 years teaching and training experience. She teaches with a relaxed, enjoyable style that develops the horse and rider to the utmost of their abilities. Faith's instruction and training is based on classical principles and the USDF Certified Instructors guidelines. Faith works with all levels and abilities because Dressage is fundamental training for all riders and all horses. Based in La Habra Heights at Felicity Farm, Faith has openings for a few clients at the farm. Contact  714/904-9637


Gayle is a successful trainer with over 20 years’ experience riding and showing. Her clientele range from competitive dressage riders to those just starting dressage. She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and is also a Graduate of the USDF “L” Program. One of Gayle’s main goals is to develop a strong, successful partnership between horse and rider. She can also structure for you an individualized training or lesson program that will assist you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself and your horse. For more information please visit or contact Gayle at 951-204-5159.

is located at Greenville Equestrian Center in the beautiful wine vineyards of Livermore California. Greenville Equestrian Center is designed for the optimal care of horses, with equine safety and comfort foremost in the design and choice of building materials. The arenas have superb sand and rubber footing. The setting is serene and lovely, and provides an ideal place for riding and training. There is wine tasting within walking distance as well as quaint restaurants. Greenville Equestrian Center offers oversized box stalls that are 12x24, and box stalls with paddocks. There are two very large riding arenas; an indoor arena with mirrors through out and the outdoor that overlooks the vineyards of Livermore. There are 2 round pens with the same excellent footing; one under cover as well as a covered Equisisor. The management is caring and courteous and the grounds are meticulously groomed. Topline Dressage Training is run by Gina Duran, a USDF Certified Instructor and FEI rider. Gina is also a USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist. She has trained many horses and coached many of her students to national awards. Gina is very dedicated and devoted to the sport of dressage as well as helping her clients achieve their riding goals. She continues her education on a weekly basis with USDF certified instructor Rachel Saavedra as well attending clinics with people such as Gunter Zach, George Williams, Steffen Peters, and Conrad Schumacher. For more detailed information please visit her website at or call (925) 858-3933.


Heidi Riddle built Half Halt Farms in 1990.  Half Halt Farms is situated in the Briones Valley in the rural part of Martinez.  Just  minutes away from the hub of East Bay Area cities.  Half Halt Farms is a full service competitive Dressage and 3-Day Eventing facility.  We have a large indoor arena with mirrors, outdoor full dressage court, and large outdoor stadium jumping arena.  With 40+ acres of conditioning trails, Half Halt Farms offers great variety for the athletic training of competition horses. We even have the start of a low level cross country course.
Heidi is a USDF 4th level certified instructor.  She holds her Bronze and Silver medals and freestyle bronze and silver as well. Heidi has 30 years of experience competing at the FEI levels.  She has taken many of her students to national competitions including the NAYRC in dressage and eventing.  Heidi emphasizes biomechanics and effective riding skills in her passion for teaching.
Half Halt Farms offers full or part time training for the dressage or event horse, coaching at shows, lessons on schooling horses, and sponserships.  Trailer in's are welcome.  You can reach Heidi at or see her website at


Heidi Chote has owned and operated First Chance Farm, a full care dressage facility in Wilton, CA since 1988. FCF has a full dressage court with mirrors, additional 80 x 30 meter arena, shaded turnout pastures and is 15 minutes from Murieta Equine Complex and Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center, two of northern California’s premiere show venues. There are also several smaller local venues which host rated and schooling shows within easy driving distance.
Heidi is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist with all medals earned on self-made horses. She is also a USDF Certified Instructor/Trainer through Fourth Level, as well as a Faculty Member of the USDF Instructor Certification Program teaching workshops for aspiring and seasoned instructors/trainers. A USDF “L” Graduate, Heidi has studied biomechanics for 30 years. Heidi has coached many students to USDF, CDS, Junior, Amateur Adult, Pony, All Breed and National Championships. In addition, numerous students have earned USDF medals. Not all students choose to compete their horses, but all receive an education with strong theoretical understanding and implementation of the Pyramid of Training.
Heidi has studied with numerous top instructors including studies in Warendorf, Germany at the International Academy of Equestrian Studies. In an effort to better serve her cliental, she pursues on-going education, including attending the Global Dressage Forum, USDF FEI Trainer’s Conferences, USDF Faculty Workshops and Education Days, Teacher Training/Biomechanics Seminars, Adult Amateur and Jr/YR clinics etc. Several of Heidi’s students have gone on to become instructors or other equestrian related professionals.
Heidi is a current member of USDF, CDS and USEquestrian with First Aid Certification since 1979. For further information, please visit our website at, email or call (916) 616-8021.

HIGH POINT FARM Classical dressage following the German training scale.
Kimberly Monk qualified FEI instructor (British Horse Society I) Bronze and Silver medal recipient. Also, Trainer and Coach of many USDF National and Regional Champions. Holding the highest median in the history of USDF.
Private facility in north county San Diego with 24 hours security, sand / lightfoot arena and miles of groomed trails for happy sound competitive horses.
Open, Junior/Young Rider, Amateurs at all levels are welcomed.

Hillary Martin is located at the beautiful Isola Stables in Portola Valley, CA. Currently offering coaching and support through all levels with a training program customized for you and your horse to reach your goals. We offer full training, full grooming service, covered Euro-Walker, Solarium, individual turnouts, three all-weather arenas(including a full dressage court), and great trails. Trailer-In lessons are also available. Hillary has competed through Grand Prix, has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medal, and is a United States Pony Club Dressage “A” graduate. In 2007 she represented Region 3 at the NAJYRC. After three years training and competing in Germany, Hillary returned to the United States and qualified to ride in the 2011 Brentina Cup Championships in Gladstone, NJ. Hillary has coached both riders and horses to success in Regional Championships, CDS Junior and AA Championships, Pony Club ratings, and achieving their USDF Bronze and Silver Medals. Email, call (707)332-3344, or visit for more information.

Located in Lake View Terrace, CA. 818-899-7977. European dressage training in California. Classical dressage training with over 30 years experience. Low key environment. All levels and experience. Approved breeding stallion available: Mix Max. Visit our website at:

HORSE GATE STABLES - Training, Boarding, Sales in Murrieta, CA 92562
We are a private gated facility offering full or part time training for dressage horses, lessons, coaching at shows, and social activities. The facility offers box stalls with runs attached, Covered Arena with irrigated synthetic Pro-Ride footing groomed daily, sound system, optional all day turn out, and miles of trails. We also have a limited number of outside paddocks available. Beginner through FEI level instruction is available by Niki Hall. Trailer in's are welcome. We are located in the beautiful La Cresta area of Murrieta just 8 minutes from the Interstate 15 Freeway. We welcome amateur riders of all abilities! Special discounts and consideration for active CDS members! Come ride with us. Contact Julie Hoxmeier  (951) 232-2629

JACLYN MEINEN DRESSAGE – Jaclyn Meinen is located in the vineyards of Saratoga, less than 15 minutes from Highway 85. We provide positive, knowledgeable and competitive dressage training by USDF Gold Medalist and current FEI competitor Jaclyn Meinen, as well as dressage trainer Jennifer McCormick. We teach all levels, from beginners to Grand Prix with programs for Young Riders and Adult Amateurs. Experienced lesson horses are available. Jaclyn Meinen Dressage is also accepting sale horses of all ages and levels. Our average time to sell is 45 days.
Located at Saratoga Equestrian, with 30 stalls and brand new GGT Footing, as well as direct access to hundreds of miles of trails. Feeding three times daily and on site round the clock care. Easy to get to from all of the bay area.
To learn more about Jaclyn Meinen Dressage visit their website at or call Jaclyn at 949.246.1850 or Jennifer at 408.204.0506

JANULI  FARMS offers clinics, lessons, training. Our facility is in SW Las Vegas. We have some very well schooled lesson horses. We also offer " Mobile " training around the Vegas valley. Training is with the focus on the horses asymmetrical mind & body. Our goal is to teach the rider to become their horses physical and mental therapist and through a series of gymnastic exercises, the horse becomes more symmetrical. Over time, the horse becomes more relaxed, flexible, strong, balanced and carries himself with the uphill profile that is much desired to carry the weight of it's rider.  With this process comes the side effects of engagement, obedience, willingness and a calm demeanor and a much respectful partner.
JanTrigg has over 40 years riding experience ( much of it in CA ) and over 20 years of Dressage experience. Jan has worked with many Dressage professionals and has participated in Olympian and Bronze medalist Jane Savoie's " The Art of Teaching" which teaches Dressage instructors to teach their students through a series of learning styles and to develop an eye for problems and solutions. Please give us a call: Jan Trigg - Trainer-Instructor (702) 270-2177 or visit us at or

is located at the Paddock Riding Club in Los Angeles and has been there for 27 years. She does not believe that you can put a rider and their horse into a mold and treat them all the same way. Her emphasis is placed on the understanding between horse and rider, which comes from a secure and correct position. She does not believe in "training gimmicks" of any kind. Her students range from beginners, to a USDF Judge.

CLASSICAL TRAINING in Santa Cruz. Author of 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider, Jec A. Ballou is a long-time student of classical equitation and horsemanship. She was raised by parents who shared expertise in FEI competitions as varied as carriage driving, endurance riding, and dressage. Ballou has trained extensively in Portugal and also in Holland, Germany, and throughout the United States. She has written numerous articles for Dressage Today and other magazines, all of which draw on her passion of evaluating and improving equine balance and movement. In training and lesson settings, she assists riders to develop effective riding positions towards that goal. She specializes in non-Warmblood breeds for training (Iberian horses, Morgans, Arabians, etc.) and all levels of riders. (831) 419-3445.


Jessica Miller is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist who brings a classical approach to her training and instruction with emphasis on safety and respect for the horse. She has worked with many world class judges and outstanding riders including among others Steffen Peters, Debbie McDonald, Axel Steiner, Chrinstine Traurig, Morten Thompsen, and Catherine Haddad.
Jessica trains at beautiful Rancho del Lago in Briones CA. Horses get plenty of pasture turn out to keep them happy and thriving. Jessica enjoys starting young horses and excels at it. She is currently riding two she has started.Jessica enjoys and excels at instruction, working with all levels of riders and horses, from beginner to advanced, young and old. She has brought many riders both awards and an enduring enthusiasm for the sport of dressage. She strives to always keep a positive attitude in her training.
Email :
Phone: 925-212-6520 website:

FEI rider, competitor and USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist. USET listed rider. We offer training of horse and rider of all levels and have many training programs to suit your needs and help you achieve both you and your horse's goals and show career. Jo is currently showing Int. 2 and Grand Prix on Minna and Luxor. Nacho, Jo's husband, is currently showing his young horse at first level this year. Nacho bought Charisma as a 2 yr. old. Located on 6 beautiful acres in Valley Center in San Diego at our own Private Facility. Come and visit our beautiful facility. Training, Clinic and Sales. email : Phone (760) 805-8864 or Nacho (760) 805-8865

JOAN WILLIAMS is located in Soquel California. She is a USEF “r” judge, is a USDF Certified instructor, holds the USEF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, and the Gold Freestyle bar. She is a Grand Prix dressage rider, and FEI competitor. Joan works with both the beginner and the experienced rider from training level through FEI with special emphasis on the competition rider and musical freestyles. We have a great group with wonderful camaraderie and an emphasis on helping one another. For more information, 408-512-2890,

KAMILA DUPONT "I believe anyone who is dedicated, has a good teacher and a sound horse, can enjoy the rewards of dressage. My journey began in Pony Club, and hard work helped me reach the Grand Prix Level. I love competing, it gives structure and goals to riding. I spent years training and competing in Europe, which has given me a unique understanding of how to bring a horse up the levels. I connect very well with adult amateurs and trained the 2011 USDF Amateur Grand Prix rider of the year, Melissa Hogan. I am located in the Northern Los Angeles area. 805-280-5525."

KATJA ELK - German Dressage rider Katja Elk offers her training services at SY Valley View Farm, a beautiful, full-service training facility in the Santa Ynez valley. Based on the principles of classical dressage, a thorough understanding of biomechanics as well as the horse’s natural response system Katja provides gentle, effective training solutions for horses and people. She greatly enjoys working with riders of different backgrounds and horses of varying breeds. From seasoned riders who would like to know more about the ‘art and anatomy’ of dressage to 3-day-eventers wanting to improve their dressage skills to adult riders getting back into the saddle and those who would like to work their way up into the show ring. Young horses, older horses, horses with ‘issues’ -- everyone is welcome – and partial or full training set-ups are available. Trailer-ins are welcome, too. In lessons, lectures and clinics Katja offers information and inspiration to riders looking for a more satisfying experience and better results with their horses. For more information and ongoing activities please visit Katja’s website at Email: Phone 805-350-4888. Location: SY Valley View Farms, 4208 Casey Ave., Santa Ynez, CA 93460.

KENT DRESSAGE Maddy resides and trains classical dressage in the greater Davis, Winters, Woodland, Dixon & Vacaville, CA area. Her degree in Exercise Biology with an emphasis in bio-mechanics from UC Davis, allows her to bring the art of true classic dressage to any horse through proper muscle conditioning and balance. With proper training, it is her goal for a horse to progress at their own pace without trauma or injuries. USDF Bronze, silver, and gold medalist, experienced in everything from breaking youngsters, through Grand Prix, with all kinds of breeds. Contact: 971-275-5976, ,

KHM Dressage consists of husband/wife team Katie Hoefs-Martin and Erik Martin. We are located at the prestigious Gilroy Gaits Equestrian Center on the Gilroy/Hollister boarder. Along with being a successful competitor to Grand Prix and USDF Gold Medalist, Katie takes pride in developing horses and riders, regardless of their competitive aspirations. She works with all skill levels of riders, all breeds of horses, young horse to Grand Prix, mares, geldings, stallions. Her utmost goal for each rider is to build a confident, trusting relationship with his/her horse through Basics and effective rider- position understanding so that both horse and rider enjoy their "jobs". Erik has been starting horses for over 15 years for all breeds and disciplines. He has a tremendous understanding of what's required of a dressage horse and starts them accordingly to set them up for success in their future career. Katie and Erik work closely together to transition the young horse from basic training to the competion arena. KHM Dressage offers full and partial training packages for the young/green horse or rider to Grand Prix.,, 650-714-7525

KIM ELSNER - Autumn Breeze Training, located at CastleRock Farms in Moorpark, CA. Kim is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist. She has over 20 years of experience riding and training horses with multiple year end championships and awards through Grand Prix. Her calm and quiet approach builds a trusting relationship between horse and rider. Kim worked as Hilda Gurney’s assistant trainer for 2 years as well as other FEI trainers. She has extensive experience starting and successfully showing young horses and giving them the correct foundation and confidence to move up the levels. She has experience showing many different breeds through the levels. Kim takes the time necessary to develop a correct, happy and willing horse. Her instruction gives the riders the understanding of the basics and confidence in the rider’s position to move up. Contact Kim at 303-917-0094

LAINE MUIR   Dressage Training for the horse and rider, based on a passion for classical dressage training principles. Specializing in young horses. Training/Lesson packages available at Sanbar Dressage in Petaluma, and throughout Marin county. References available. 707-637-6259,

The Riding Club - USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist on self trained horses. L-Program Graduate. Lena offers a modern approached to dressage training. It is about reaching your goals while enjoying the journey and this goes for the horse as well. A happy horse will perform to the highest of his own ability and this is where the true joy is found. Recently remolded Fairbanks is a beautiful facility with miles of trails Euro walker, mirror and good footing. Full care and layup service availible. Clinics offered regularly. Schoolmasters sometimes available.
Contact Lena at 760-822-7383 or

LEHUA CUSTER is a USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist. She is also a USDF "L" graduate and is located in sunny southern California. She has been riding and training for the passed 20 years and was the assistant trainer for Olympian Hilda Gurney for the last 9 years. Lehua has extensive experience with training and showing horses at all levels. She is experienced in starting young horses and has participated in the young horse program. Lehua is also confident working with and promoting stallions. Contact Lehua today and see your horse reach its potential. 818 590 4040.  Moorpark, Ca 93021

LINDA SHUE DRESSAGE TRAINING is located at the Paddock Riding Club and is committed to training and teaching classical dressage. Young riders and adults welcome. I take a personal interest in each horse and rider, and work with bringing their talents and personalities to peak performance. I offer a comprehensive program of rehabilitations for poorly trained and injured horses. Program options include traditional veterinarian care, acupuncture, herbal supplementations. Some of our amenities include: spacious stalls with turn-outs, superb footing, mirrored dressage court, bull pens, jumping arena, manicured trails, and a peaceful atmosphere. Come join a winning team with happy horses. Now serving Los Angeles 949-677-5737

LIZ MORTON -- Dressage training and instruction in the Hi-Desert area from Intro to Third Level. Liz is an Equine Canada certified instructor and coach, and specializes in working with Adult Amateur riders and all breeds. Adult beginners and "returning riders" are welcome! Individual programs encourage riders to progress according to their own goals, and emphasize the classical training scale along with good horsemanship. Liz has trained with international FEI competitors and clinicians with Olympic credentials, and offers private lessons, coaching for competition, and leasing opportunities. Liz owns and operates La Brisa Stables, 30 minutes from Palm Springs and conveniently located for major competitions as well as recreational riding. Large arena and 20x60 dressage court on site. For more information, please visit or email

located at La Jolla Equestrian Center in Pleasanton, CA. Fabulous facility with 3 sand/rubber arenas and various stabling options. Laurie is a 4th Level USDF Certified Instructor, who also has her bronze and silver medals. She has over 23 years over riding experience and has taught for over 10 years. All levels and ages are welcome. Laurie Moore Smith email: or phone: (510) 508-9614.

LYRIC DRESSAGE - trainer Allison Mathy - USDF Gold Medalist, Allison Mathy proudly offers training of Horse and Rider through Grand Prix. Allison has over ten years of experience in Dressage – and continues competing in National arenas with U.S. Olympians and international FEI riders. She works with horses and riders of all levels, and especially enjoys working with Jr. and Young Riders, and Iberian/Baroque horses. Her program is goal-oriented, with students regularly working toward competitions and achieving their USDF Bronze and Silver Medals.  Allison hosts several world-class clinicians throughout the year at Flying Cloud Farm and across the United States. Contact Allison Mathy, 858-401-2668,,

MANE IMPORTS, LLC   Jasmin Becker, Owner of Mane Imports, LLC, is available for training horses and riders Training level through Grand Prix in Marin County, California. Jasmin is a FEI competitor, a German Licensed Trainer, a High Bronze medalist awarded by the German FN, and a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Jasmin earned her teaching portion of her German licensing with distinction. She is located at Dougherty Ranch ( in beautiful Marin County just 30 minutes north of the Golden Gate bridge. Dougherty Ranch is a full service boarding facility with a 80 x 180 indoor arena and dressage mirrors. Jasmin is also available for clinics, European horse shopping trips and takes on sales horses. Please contact Jasmin Becker at 303-809-6997 or for more information. Also, feel free to look at her web site at

MKYOUNG Dressage provides comprehensive and correct dressage training from beginning steps under saddle through to FEI, as well as kind and positive re-training for horses of all levels. Mary Young works to create a positive environment to help each student bloom into classically correct and effective riders. Whether showing, sales or personal advancement is your goal MKYoung Dressage ready to help you form a better future with your horses. Great rates, personalized attention, wonderful facility in San Marcos, CA.  Contact Mary Young at 508-317-1778

MELISSA CRESWICK - Located in Clovis, CA. Available for lessons or clinics. Bronze, Silver, Gold medals, "S" Dressage judge with Young Horse and Equitation, Freestyle certification."R" Sport Horse judge. Two time CDS Amateur Adult Clinician. From just staring to Grand Prix, I am ready to help you reach your goals. 559/250-1226,

MELONIE KESSLER is a USEF “S” Dressage Judge. She is also a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist with 30 years of teaching, training and showing horses in both Dressage and Hunters. She has trained and shown horses to regional, state and national championships from Training level through Grand Prix. In addition, she is a graduate of Pleasant Hollow Farms, located in Pennsylvania, with a diploma in riding, training, teaching and stable management. Her philosophy in teaching and training is to always show respect for the horse.
805-501-1816 Cell

MICHAEL LIEBERG is a Licensed German Reitlehrer FN- Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, the highest certification attainable as a German equine professional, training both the horse and rider. In the United States Michael earned the USDF Gold Medal. Michael has shown, ridden and trained numerous horses from training level to Grand Prix in Germany and the United States. During his time in Germany he trained students who place in the top ten in the German National Championships. Michael trained under such masters as Reitmeister Walter Koerner, Gerhard Bagdahn the 1981 German National Champion of the Professional Dressage Riders, Dr Joachim Boesche, President of the German National Judges Association and Olympic Judge Heinz Schuette.
Michael believes that excellent training, stabling, feeding, footing and care are the ingredients that optimize the horses’ ability to perform. Michael Lieberg Dressage is located at El Sueno Equestrian Center in Somis, California Somis offers the ideal climate for riding and El Sueno is a first-class equestrian center featuring a beautiful peaceful setting, friendly and professional management, a 100 x 220 covered arena, covered Liberty horse exerciser and extra large stalls with generous runs that allow the horse freedom of movement.
Michael Lieberg Dressage offers customized dressage training for the horse and rider, lessons, clinics and horse sales. Please contact Michael Lieberg at 818-675-3771

MINT EQUINE is a dressage training center and sport horse rehabilitation service. Owned and operated by European dressage professionals, training follows the classical system of riding and focuses on correct and true basics which can be built upon to move up the levels with ease. Over forty years combined training and experience. Trained with some of the best dressage masters in the world.
Comprehensive training packages offered to top standards. State of the art facility in the beautiful Santa Ynez valley. Friendly, relaxed and fun environment for you and your horse to learn! / 805-350-8494 /



Nellie Martin-Giles is a bronze, silver, gold USDF medalist and a USDF certified instructor. Located at Shiloh West Equestrian Center in Castro Valley. Nellie is a patient and kind instructor that utilizes the dressage training scale as her guide to success. Nellie clinics with Heidi Gaian, and Joh Hinnemann regularly as her continuing education. She also arranges Heidi Gaian clinics at Shiloh. Email:

NICOLE CHASTAIN PRICE Experience with Integrity-is located in Santa Ynez, California andoffers full service Dressage Training, Lessons and Sales Programs for all levels, breeds and ages of horses and their riders. Trailer-in lessons and clinics welcome. Nicole is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist and an ‘L’ Program Graduate with Distinction. Nicole uses her 25 years of experience working for and with some of the industries best trainers and riders to find a program that fits each horse and rider as an individual so that they may achieve their goals. Nicole has proven experience in the show ring with many horses of many different breeds. With her husband Brad Price, she offers an exceptional young horse program developing well rounded horses for their future in Sport or pleasure. They incorporate riding outside, trails, cavaletti, longlining and exposure to all kinds of stimulus to prepare the youngsters for successful careers. Biomechanics, Pilates for the Riders and Physiotherapy for the horses are of special interest and Nicole hosts several clinics a year to continue her education with top industry professionals such as Jan Ebeling,-Olympian:Sarah Martin-USDF Cert. Inst., FEI rider and trainer with all medals, “L” grad with distinction; Janice Dulak, Pilates for Dressage Riders and Gail Williams, renowned veterinary physiotherapist from the UK. For the horse she views Dressage not only as a sport, but an art, and…as physical therapy to develop sound minds and sound bodies. Horses at the ranch enjoy customize work programs, daily turnout, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, supplement advice and world-class veterinary and farrier care. Stallion standing services also available as well as rehab and retirement programs., 805/217-7433.

NW Dressage

FEI rider Nina Winternheimer offers high quality dressage lessons and training at the state-of-the-art facility Equinox Equestrian Center in La Tuna Canyon, Sun Valley. This must-see facility features a covered arena with mirrors, superb footing and much more. Nina was trained at the Swedish National Stud of Flyinge and focuses on bringing adult amateurs and their horses up the levels, following classical principles with humane methods while keeping it fun. Website: Phone: 323-559-1444 E-mail:

Specializing in the training and instruction of dressage, hunter and jumper horses and riders, Alejandro strives to create an environment where clients can safely enjoy their passion, grow ability and confidence, inspire and be inspired. Alejandro grew up in Costa Rica where he had a chance to work with numerous trainers from South America, Europe, and North America, and was a member of the national riding team representing his country in national and international competition. Now as a professional trainer and competitor, his enthusiasm, expertise and dedication to the sport he loves is demonstrated in all aspects of his programs -- from elevating the abilities and performance of seasoned competitors to starting the young horse under saddle. Alejandro maintains a client family of horses and riders at all levels – from novice to advanced competitor – while continually working to elevate his horsemanship and performance as rider and trainer at advanced levels of competition. Diamond Springs, CA. Email - (530) 306-6818.

Rebecca Cushman is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist.  She is the trainer at Paradigm Sporthorse Training on the Marin/Sonoma county line, a stunning facility with a 100 x 200 covered arena, outdoor arena, and over 200 acres of trails.  Rebecca teaches riders and horses of all levels, in addition to rehabilitating horses with sports injuries.  The barn boasts an educational, family like, and supportive atmosphere. For more information contact Becky at 415-717-1775.

Located in Fallbrook, CA. We offers training from training Level through FEI for both horses and riders.  
Robin Garrett is a longtime professional dressage rider and trainer. Robin has been riding for over 25 years. After receiving her Bachelor Degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Robin traveled to Florida where she completed years of internship with International rider and competitor Tina Konyot. In the mid 90's Robin relocated to California to be the assistant of Laura Doyle in Rancho Santa Fe. After working many years with Laura Doyle, Robin started her own riding and training program.
Robin has ridden in Europe and has been responsible for training countless successful dressage riders and horses, included a gold medal winning horse in young rider competition.
Contact information: 760-716-3401

SABINE BARON WRIGHT DRESSAGE Quality dressage training and instruction for both horse and rider from Training Level through FEI. All levels are welcomed. Beautiful, private, full service facility located in the beautiful ranch area called “Hidden Valley” near Westlake Village & Thousand Oaks. Friendly and professional atmosphere. Sales and buying trips to Europe available. ** Lease Horses Available ** Full & Partial Training Available ** Mirrored Dressage Arena with Nike Footing ** Jump Arena with Nike Footing ** Large Stalls with Comfort Stall Mattresses ** Full Service Care ** Liberty Horse Exerciser ** 24x24 Covered Outdoor ** Turnouts ** For more information, contact Sabine at: Phone: (805) 857-3864 ** Email:  Website:

Sandy Savage lived in Sweden and Germany for 11 years. During that time she attended the Swedish National Riding School at Stromsholm for three years, and trained for Gabriella Grillo in Germany for a full year. Sandy is very thorough in her teaching and believes that you need to have a good position and a correct understanding of the aids to ride your horse in the proper frame. If you can do that, then the movements come easily. Sandy has ridden at the Grand Prix level and can take you and your horse all the way. Sandy is located at the Pacific Equestrian Center in Wilton, California. PEC is a full service facility with a large indoor arena, a full court outdoor dressage arena and a jumping arena. PEC is beautifully situated among old walnut trees and is flanked by the Consumnes river. It will provide a harmonious and peaceful setting for your horse. Sandy offers full training, dressage lessons, and coaching at shows. Sandy can be reached at, and by phone at (916) 712-2719.


Dressage training on your horse or ours... Ride a schoolmaster while your horse is on lay-up or growing up. Show a bomb-proof horse. Improve your seat. Learn new movements on our horses before you teach them to yours. 650/738-2186,

SHAYNA SIMON - Shayna discovered her passion for dressage at a young age and began riding competitively shortly after she worked in Germany at Klaus Balkenhols. She can now be seen showing throughout California and has earned her silver medal. She has experience with both young and upper level horses, Shayna can offer a variety of different training programs. Having worked with Brookside Equestrian for years,She has extensive experience with Iberian breeds and sales. She currently trains with Guenter Siedel and is now is head resident trainer at Oakridge Farm in San Diego California.
Website :

STACY   WILLIAMS, SCWDressage - Located in SW Utah, two hours north of Las Vegas. Stacy Williams is a USDF Certified Instructor, Training-First Level; a USDF "L" Program Graduate; and a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Stacy specializes in the systematic development of young horses from just backed to successful show careers. Avoid the high costs of board and training in California and send your horse to sunny SW Utah where horses can train outside year around. Stacy travels to all points north and south along the I-15 corridor to obtain training and showing opportunities. Your horse will be treated like the individual it deserves to be, will be taken out on trails, and will be trained with correct basics. Stacy and her own homebred young horse Frisco Bay were the CDS-HOY First Level Freestyle Champions in 2014, bringing the beautiful Ming Horse Trophy back to southern Utah from their trip to LAEC. Stacy also trained the American Warmblood Society's 2011 USDF All Breeds Training Level Champion Poetic Justice. Find out more about Stacy at
Stacy can be reached at


STEPHANIE YATES was educated in classical dressage in her native Germany, where she completed her Bereiter FN (Pferdewirt Reiten) training in 1992 at Deutsche Reitschule in Warendorf. She specialized in Dressage but competed in all three English disciplines. Stephanie believes that the Dressage principles are the foundation for all riding and utilizes her experience to improve the communication between the horse and rider team.
She has extensive experience in training many breeds of horses and riders from different backgrounds and aims. She focuses her training on developing horse and rider to the best of their individual ability, no matter their current training level. Stephanie provides lessons in the East Bay of San Francisco and is available to meet you at your riding facility.
For more information, visit or contact Stephanie on 925 298 7542 &

STC DRESSAGE  Nestled in the hills of Moorpark among the avocado and lemon groves is AA Ranch, the home of STC Dressage. We are a full-service training and competition stable which specializes in developing young horses, in addition to our regular training clientele. We offer discounted rates for breeders, and can offer all services necessary including presenting horses in-hand for Keurings, starting them under saddle, assisting with sales, and developing them all the way up to FEI levels.    AA Ranch is a quiet, park-like setting with breathtaking views, gorgeous landscaping throughout, full-size dressage arena, covered round pen, access to safe trails, a 14 stall center-aisle barn and 20 stall malibu barn. Turnout is available.  You can reach Sean at 815-861-3005 or Visit us on the web at for more information about what we have to offer.

SUSAN DERR DRAKE has shown 116 Grand Prixs, trained many beginners through Grand Prix riders and horses and cliniced in many states since 1972. Now, Susan teaches the softer side of dressage to those wanting to do what is for the horse's highest good from alignment of the rider's position, to biomechanically correct timing of aids to nutritional and energetic support modalities wholistically. Susan currently teaches and trains at the beautiful Valley View Farm ( in Santa Ynez, California. This is a wonderful place and trainer to send your horse for rest and rehabilitaion. 805-452-0414,

SUSAN HOFFMAN PEACOCK has truly unique and inclusive training system for horses and riders. She breaks the learning process into easily understood topics that are pertinent to successful progression and understanding. Learning is broken down into Three topics; Logical Progression, Biomechanics and Goal Setting. It is amazing how quickly difficult topics can be understood when information is introduced to horses and riders is this clear method.
She utilized these topics while she earned the highest instructor/trainer certification offered by the United States Dressage Federation. Susan has successfully shown all levels of dressage and is a current FEI competitor. She holds both regional and national titles in multiple disciplines. She owns and operates her own dressage training facility in Southern California, USA. Susan can often be found teaching clinics, camps and intensive programs around the country. She has a very successful apprentice program that has already produced successful graduates who are currently working in the equine industry. She has presented her unique program as a guest lecturer at the USDF Graduate Young rider Program as well as at the USPC National Convention. Contact 909/227-6404



Sue Martin Dressage is now accepting a limited number of training horses. Sue is an experienced Grand Prix competitor, having qualified and competed 3 times at the National Dressage Championships and trained many horses successfully through the FEI levels. She is currently training at Shelburne Farms in Hidden Valley, a lovely private facility offering excellent care and a peaceful setting. Sue offers personalized training programs for horses and riders of all levels. Sales and clinics also available. Contact Sue at (303) 619-5365 or

SUSANN REGALMUTO  USDF Certified Trainer / Instructor. Susann Regalmuto started her riding career in her hometown of Karlsruhe, Germany. She continued studying dressage with Mr. Neindorff and began show jumping with the eminent Guenther, successfully completing her "Reiterabzeichen" - Silver certification, which enabled her to compete in the highest levels of dressage and jumping in Europe.

In 1995, Ms. Regalmuto relocated to Maui, Hawaii, where she was a founding member of the Hawaii State Dressage Society. Ms. Regalmuto brought her talents to California in 1999 where she has taught and trained ever since.

Susan conducts clinics in the Western United States and Hawaii. She achieved her USDF Rider Performance Awards for Training – First and Second Level and is also a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Competing on the IALHA and IFSHA show circuit since 2006, she won several Regional and National Championship titles. Regal Equestrian Center is currently located at Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace, I5 minutes away from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank. (951) 515-7133

Carly Taylor-Smith is a British FEI rider, currently training horses in Malibu, CA.
Carly, who is awaiting U.S. citizenship, completed three years as the assistant trainer and rider to Jan Ebeling and one year as a riding apprentice at Moody Dressage, in England. She is a former member of Great Britain's National Jnr/YR Dressage Squad and was also offered a position on the Jnr/YR Eventing Squad but turned down that appointment in favour of dressage. She was the Scottish Junior Dressage Champion at two levels on two different horses and represented Great Britain at CDI's in Addington, Hickstead and Roosendaal, Holland.
Carly began riding at age two and received her first pony for her fifth birthday. Actively involved in Pony Club for many years, she rode for the National Pony Club Dressage Team and was named Pony Club Member of the Year when a teenager. During those years she earned distinction as the runner-up in the Junior section of the Talent Spotting Finals, riding for an international panel of judges.
While in the the U.S she has attained her bronze, silver and gold medal.
She has had a number of successes, including two major national titles on Rosalut NHF
For anyone interested in having their horses in training, freelance lessons within the area or U.S clinics, Carly is available. Please contact her via email at or call at 713-922-8049


Tannenlück Dressage offers a full range of services, which includes clinics at your farm, for dressage enthusiasts from the amateur to the professional, Training Level through Grand Prix. Volker Brommann is originally from Germany and is a licensed German Bereiter & Reitlehrer, F.N. with over 20 years of experience. Volker began training with Klaus Balkenhol in 1995 and continues to have a working relationship with Mr. Balkenhol. For more information visit Tannenlück Dressage on line, call (775) 354-8455, or send an email:


Terry Church was “classically trained” through the FEI levels in the United States and Germany, and works with horses and riders at all levels of dressage. Although she has competed for a number of years, her primary intention is to help riders become aware of the kind of relationship needed to gain full responsiveness and cooperation with their horse while maintaining their horse’s ability to enjoy their work, at home or in the competition arena. This is done without force, extra equipment, or manipulative devices. Through finding this greater harmony with horses, Terry has found that people experience a much greater sense of purpose and personal fulfillment as well as enabling themselves a far broader understanding of the horse, a greater propensity for patience, the ability to problem-solve and think creatively/independently, and a higher capacity for “feel.” All of these abilities are vital components that allow for the true meaning of dressage to be expressed into form.

Terry is currently offering clinics in horsemanship and dressage throughout the United States. Please see her web site for full details and contact info:

TRACEY HILL - Tracey Hill is a successful FEI trainer and competitor located at Wyvern Farm in Martinez ( She worked for Olympian Steffen Peters for 3 years bringing her horse to the Grand Prix under his tutelage. Tracey also spent a year in Germany working for a top breeding facility with their young horses and stallions. She is a USDF "L" graduate with distinction that enjoys judging schooling shows and looks forward to participating in the USEF "r" program. Tracey's students have had wonderful success competing at all levels, some even as high as: NAJYRC, Young Horse Championships and the Brentina Cup. Tracey accepts students at any level and looks forward to watching the progress of her current group in the upcoming show season. Feel free to stop by or call to inquire about training options! Email: Phone: 707-481-2799

Tressa’s has trained horses professionally for over 20 years but she has ridden all of her life. Through the years she has traveled & studied in Europe, and ridden with various dressage instructors such as Lilo Fore, Claus Bergner, Gerhard Politz, Jan Ebeling, Baron Hans Von Blixen Fineche, Gwen Stockebrand, and others, exploring the subtle differences in dressage philosophy and techniques. It was not until she met Melissa Simms, former head rider and instructor with the Reinstitute Von Neindorff, that she discovered the art of dressage that resonated for her. Tressa has assisted with and continues to train and sponsor clinics with Melissa.  Her main interest is true classical or traditional dressage which enhances the harmony between horse and rider. Her goal, as a classical rider and instructor, is to develop communication with the horse using the smallest of aids, creating relaxation, suppleness and balance. She teaches her students, through longe lessons, to have a good position and independent seat in order to give the correct aids to properly frame the horse. She welcomes students and horses of all levels, ages and abilities, ranging from beginners and individuals wishing to learn dressage, to riders who wish to actively compete and work their way up the levels. Sonoma County (707) 829-0491

VICKY STASHUK-MATISI - Ramor Oaks Riding Club
Vicky is a Silver and Bronze USDF medalist and FEI Dressage competitor. She is a USEF ‘R’ Dressage Judge and an ‘r’ Event Judge. Ramor Oaks Riding Club is located in the beautiful Pajaro Valley in Watsonville, Ca. and was established in 1989. Vicky’ philosophy is in classical training of dressage.
The facility has a large all-weather arena, galloping track, conditioning trails and a small x-country practice course. RORC offers full-service boarding, training and lessons in Dressage and eventing. For more information, contact her: website: or email: Call 831-722-8600.

TRIANA PANGRCIC is the current owner and head trainer of TRIANA’S DRESSAGE TRAINING specializing in promoting and training horses up thru the levels to FEI, finding the best equine partner for you, and coaching you and your horse to communicate clearly so you can both bring out the best in each other.
She has extensive experience working for and with top professional in the U.S. and abroad including: Nancy Later (qualifier for US Olympic Festival ‘95), Sue Blinks (Olympic team member, world cup competitor and silver medalist), Mary Anne Grant (long listed rider for US Olympic team ’00), Carole Grant (double gold medalist Pan America Games ’83), Nona Garson (Olympic team member ’00), Ellen Bontje (3 time Olympian and Silver Medalist), Conrad Schumacher (coach to numerous Olympians), Dierick Wickmen (coach to ’03 Dominican Republic Pan AM team), and Oded Shimomi (competitor in the World Equestrian Games ’98). For over a decade and a half Triana has kept the well-being of the horses in her care and the goals of her students in the forefront of her focus while being highly competitive with numerous wins, championships, top finishes, and awards. In addition to accepting horses in training and being available for clinics Triana’s Dressage Training also has a select number of horses available for sale, lease, and lessons. Triana’s Dressage Training is located at the beautiful Savoir Faire Stables in San Marcos which includes many amenities for great care for your horse and your comfort. Visit Triana’s website at or contact Triana directly at (561)676-8478or and let her guide your journey to get you and your horse(s) where you want to go.

VILLA ROSA  Pam Nelson and Heidi Gaian Sales, Training, Clinics, Judging Hollister, CA  95023

    For more than 25 years USEF “S” Judge Pam Nelson and FEI competitor and USEF  “R” Judge Heidi Gaian of Villa Rosa have been specializing in matching dressage  riders with quality horses. Villa Rosa offers talented horses ranging from young  prospects to confirmed Grand Prix competitors.
    More than seventy of these special horses have been selected by and imported
from Villa Rosa’s business partner, German Reitmaster Johann Hinnemann.  Many of  the horses imported thru this exclusive partnership have achieved immense  success including World Cup Reprentatives, NAYJRC Gold Medalists, Top National  Rankings at FEI Levels, & Numberous USDF and CDS Year End Championships.
    In addition to sales, Villa Rosa offers full-service boarding, training and  lessons at their farm in Hollister, CA.  Over the years Villa Rosa clients have  won more than 100 USDF & CDS Year-End Championships.  See our clients on "Galaxy  of Champions" on our website.
    To learn more about Villa Rosa visit our website:
Heidi 831-297-2621, Pam 831-673-0584



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