COLLEEN REID established the Equine Sports Complex in 1993 and has been at this location since 2001. She operates a full service boarding/training/teaching Dressage facility. She manages 40 head of horses, in addition to a full schedule of teaching, training, and showing. Trained in classical Dressage tradition, she combines this with her education in and knowledge of modern Biomechanics. In addition to having graduated with distinction from the L Program and having earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals, Colleen has more than 15 years’ experience on a top breeding and show farm, prior to starting her own facility. This combination of experience gives her the daily hands-on knowledge of horses and horsemanship that keeps the horses and riders under tutelage advancing through the ranks, sound and content. By combining her day to day dressage training with the modern tool of a Riding Simulator, known affectionately as "Simon", Colleen offers the best of old and new world teaching and training techniques, enabling her students to reach National Ranking at all levels through Grand Prix.

Equine Sports Complex 916.717.7286