CDS Scholarship Awards
$8,100 in 2017

Jane Jackson
awarded to:

Chelsea Peroni
Shingle Springs, CA

I have been a member of CDS since 2009, and currently belong to the Sacramento Valley Chapter. I have been around horses my entire life, and began riding at a jumper barn when I was about 8 years old. My mother rode dressage with Ericka Reinig at KEFA Performance Horses at a local breeding farm. During that time she bred and produced three riding horses. 

In 2009 I began riding dressage, with Ericka, on D’Avenir, the first of the foals from my mom’s mare. I spent the whole summer at the breeding farm riding and working in the breeding program. I learned all aspects of breeding, mare management, and foal handling. Over the years my education continued and in 2012 I became a working student turning my attention to starting and training young horses both in-hand and under saddle. This has given me the opportunity to ride and train horses through all levels. 

Currently I am a Senior at UC Davis and I graduate this fall with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Science. In addition to riding with Ericka I have cliniced with Jan Ebeling, last year I participated in the CDS JR/YR Clinic with Charlotte Bredahl, and I have cliniced on a regular basis with Kathleen Raine starting in 2012. 

After graduation I plan to go ride and train in Germany. This scholarship will go towards this educational endeavor. When I return from Germany I will continue at KEFA Performance Horses as Assistant Trainer. I plan combining everything I learn in Germany with my existing experience and my Animal Science degree to become a better rider and member of the dressage community. 

Hans Moeller awarded to:

Patty Mayer
Santa Rosa Valley, CA

I was invited by Robert Dover to train with him this winter with my horse Cato. Robert feels Cato can become a quality competitive Grand Prix horse and that he can help me to train Cato from Inter 1 to Grand Prix. Currently we are having trouble with the passage as I am having trouble explaining it to Cato from the saddle but we have a good start at piaffe and the one's. Cato (like many Jazz/Johnson) tends to get a bit of a short, high neck and keeping him through in the half halts and transitions is key to training him. I have been successful but not perfect in that and need to get better.

Since I initially applied in October, I sent Cato to Robert and was spending half my time in Florida training on Cato and the other half in California training my other horses and my clients' horses. Unfortunately, I tore an ACL and did some other damage to my right leg in Florida so I am limited to watching and coaching until the middle of March. That means that Cato will stay with Robert longer than I had initially planned.
The cost of board and training with Robert for 4 months (inclusive of flying Cato back and forth but exclusive of showing in Florida) is nearly $50,000. I would use the scholarship to offset a small portion of those expenses.
My goals are three fold: (1) to learn more so I can teach my students and train my and their horses more effectively and to a higher standard; (2) to get help moving Cato up from PSG/I-1 to Grand Prix; and (3) to return to riding and showing at an elite level. 

Giving Back: I train several local professional riders and I strongly believe that my time with Robert will help me help them and will also help them help their students. In addition, two of my professional students and one of my amateur students will join me in Florida for part of the season. In particular I want them to experience horse care and training at an elite level. In this way, I hope to help the dressage community in Southern California. I will also be keeping a set of training notes which I plan on publishing in the form of a blog or newsletter
I started riding seriously as a 9 year old at Foxfield in Westlake Village and there met the amazing and life-changing Hilda Gurney. After Grad School and Law School and a year clerking for a Federal Judge I moved to San Francisco and bought Exakt as a colt from Jeff Moore and Liz Searle. Within weeks of breaking him, I started riding him with Hilda and it changed my life. I trained him with Hilda's amazing help up through the Grand Prix and for the latter part of his career trained mainly with Conrad Schumacher (including spending several moths with him in Germany), Albrecht Heidemann and Kyra Kyrklund (with whom I studied for 18 months in England).

Sharon Carpenter awarded to:

Maria Michaelson
Long Beach, CA

I have been a CDS Pomona Chapter member since 2002 and for the past 12 years have been a volunteer committee member of the Pomona Chapter’s Year End Awards and Banquet.
I have spent the past two years competing at Second Level and this IS the highest level I have ever competed at. 

The purpose of this scholarship would be to use the money granted to enable me to clinic a few more times this year with recommended clinicians when they are here in Southern California. I would like to be able to ride 2 days in a row as the 2nd day always builds on itself and that’s when physical and mental break-throughs happen. I am self-employed and work within a tight budget that allows me to have my lessons and only compete about 6 times a year so I need to pick and choose when I can show. That means having the chance to ride in a clinic when a particular clinician is in town is not always feasible, nor possible.

My horse Wasabi (aka Wally) will be 14 years next month and is Dutch Warmblood that I have owned since he was an untrained green 5 years old. I may be moving up the levels slowly but I want to be able to accomplish the training pyramid with consistent lightness and power as required to keep moving up the levels and maybe someday become an FEI rider together with my partner Wally.

I have trained with Wendy Fuire since my debut in Dressage in 2002 and continue training with Wendy currently to this day. Over the past few years, I have had the chance to ride in clinics with Alfredo Hernandez, Willy Arts, Sabine Schut-Kerry, Judy Westlake and Volker Brommann.

Carol Plough awarded to:

Lindsey Brewin
Goleta, CA


My name is Lindsey Brewin and I am a 19 year old college student at UC Santa Barbara as well as an I-1 rider with a passion for the art of dressage. I am a hard worker, a quick learner, and a responsible and appreciative person, seeking help with funding so that I can continue my dressage education and achieve my goal of competing Grand Prix with my horse Vaillant. I love to pursue knowledge and am studying biopsychology while also being a member of the University's College of Letters and Sciences Honors Program. While I love to continue my education academically, this places a financial strain that causes my dressage pursuits to come second. Despite my busy schedule as a student and high school tutor, I continue to ride Vaillant every day, never letting my time struggles result in him not receiving the utmost attention and care. I would like to receive funding so that I can continue to take lessons and clinics, as I train by myself on a day-to-day basis and would like help accomplishing what I know Val and I are capable of. My ultimate goal in my life is to achieve a balanced success in many different aspects and dressage is the one that gives me the most joy and feelings of peace. I would greatly appreciate funding so that I can continue to do what I love, while still educating myself academically.

I have been training in dressage since 2007 and began competing in 2008. In 2009, I placed 2nd in the Region 7 JR Training Level Championship and first in the CDS JR Training Level Championship. In 2011, I received my USDF Bronze Medal as well as my 2nd Level Rider Performance Award and placed 7th Nationally for 2nd Level JR/YR Year End Awards. In 2012, I was on the 2nd Level champion team at the Northern CDS JR/YR Championships. In 2013 I was the CDS 3rd Level Champion and received the yearly JR high point award at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center. In 2013 my horse Val and I also competed at the North American Jr/Yr Championships and were on the silver medal team. In 2014 we went to NAJYRC again and were on the gold medal team for the FEI Young Rider division. In 2015 we were again apart of the gold medal YR team and placed 9th in the Freestyle. In 2016 at the CDS Championships Val and I placed 3rd in the I-1 open and were the I-1 Freestyle Champions.
I have trained with Nadine Pestana since 2007, with help from her assistant Jamie Pestana over the years. I have cliniced with Debbie McDonald (2011), Dennis Callin (2011), Adrienne Lyle (2013), Laura Graves (2015/6), Jeremy Steinberg (2013-2016), Robert Dover (2014), Larissa Mantor (2016), George Williams (2013, 2015) and receive help from Charlotte Bredahl as often as my schedule permits since 2015.

Last season I competed Val at I-1 for a very successful year, receiving a 69.7% and 75.5% at the CDS Championships in the open and freestyle division, respectively. I plan to show I-2 locally this year, but devote most of my time to clinics in order to move up to the U25 Grand Prix in 2018. Thank you for your consideration.

RAAC South
Awarded to:

Karen Nocket


I have a non-traditional dressage horse (retired Thoroughbred race horse) that has so much potential. We will be showing Prix St. Georges this year and will start schooling the Intermediate 1 movements. Ken’s Kitten is very smart, capable and hard working – his trot is wonderful to ride, his canter is very difficult to ride. In order to reach my goal of Grand Prix in two years, I need the help of some very creative professionals. 

Here is a basic outline I am working towards: 
2017 – Improve my seat, legs and overall position. Learn to better ride from the backend of the horse to the front. Learn to separate my hands/arms from my body and develop a softer connection. Learn the exercises and methods to get greater bend, suppleness and push from behind at the canter. Learn to get Kitten to relax in the half passes, flying changes and pirouettes – polish my 4s and 3s to perfection. 
2018 – Continue to improve my riding. Show the I1 test while improving suppleness and hindquarter strength. Fine tune the zig zags, flying changes and pirouettes – polish my 2s!!! Develop the piaffe and passage to ensure they have lift and are on demand. 
2019 – Show Grand Prix. I see that my riding must be very accurate and competent as well as a pleasure to watch by the time I get here. The one movement I stress the most about is the changes. 

I hope you can see that I have thought about my next three years and what I need to do to improve. The scholarship funds will be put to very good use as I intend to use the money to travel to expert dressage trainers in Southern California for 1on1 help. I have summarized two key areas to get help with: 1) my riding improvements, and 2) developing a supple horse that can use his hindquarters to deliver the upper level movements. 

CHAPTER $1,500.

Summary: The Lake County CDS chapter will be holding a 3-day educational event on April 7,8, and 9, 2017, to inform our members about Equine Biomechanics. The information will be presented by the instructor, Jillian Kreinbring, through lectures and hands-on labs, but no riding. Lake County CDS has offered to subsidize our members for $150 each to attend this course; 10 members are taking advantage of this so that they do not have to pay the full price of $350 per participant. Therefore, Lake County CDS will be spending $1500.00 from our treasury to present this biomechanics course. Highland Springs Equestrian Center is donating its space for the course, and Jillian will be lodging with one of our members, so we do not have to pay facility or hotel fees. We also have 2 former members of the Mendocino CDS Chapter attending. We would like to request consideration for an educational scholarship to offset our expenses. Thank you very much for considering our request.
Description of the activity: 
To strengthen and enhance equine well-being, it is important to ride and work horses in healthy postures. Throughout this course, students will connect the why and how of balance and collection to understand how a horse’s anatomy, muscular development, and movement patterns affect his performance under saddle. 
The course consists of five lectures: 
- Introduction Lecture: Looking at Your Horse ~ A New Perspective
- Examining Anatomy and Function of the Equine Head and Neck
- Equine Forequarters, Back, and the Importance of the Abdominal and Psoas Musculature
- Connection: The Hindquarters and the Significance of the Lumbo-Sacral Joint
- Coming Full Circle: The Mechanics of Balance & Collection
Description of educational objectives: 
The lecture series explains healthy movement in depth and gives learners the opportunity to develop their eye so they can see healthy and unhealthy postures. Students will: 
- Learn what to look for in healthy movement and muscular development. 
- Discover what creates a healthy posture in riding horses. 
- Evaluate a horse’s posture and anatomy from a new perspective. 
- Add tools to develop horses’ postural strength. 
- Evaluate horses’ anatomies and conformations. 
- Identify key palpation points of the horse.
- Discuss observations of lab horses and make recommendations on how to sup-port each horse according to its conformation and stage of development


The CDS Club 100 has budgeted certain funds for each calendar year. CDS would like to support junior riders and young riders who are competing at a minimum of Training Level. The Grant money can be used for any dressage educational purpose. Both rider and owner must be member of CDS in good standing to be eligible for grants. Grants are up to $200, to be given to juniors wanting help with lessons or costs for an educational event. Grants are also available for Chapter Junior events. Payment is made directly to the event or clinician.
Griffin Denham
Raquel G Frolich
Lindsey Brewin
Brylee Flores
Abigail Sietsma
Eismael Sandoval
Anna Chan