CDS Annual
Championship Show


Qualifying Program/Horse of the Year Competition
A horse-rider combination must achieve the following for qualification at the various levels for the CDS Annual Show. Qualifying dates run from cut-off date to cut-off date. 

Rider and Owner must be CDS members for the scores to count toward any CDS program

CDS GP1_Rocovich_Uiver.jpg


Three divisions will be offered at the CDS Annual Show: Open and Amateur at Training through Grand Prix and Junior/Young Rider at Training through Prix St Georges. Freestyle classes are open divisions. Freestyle classes require a copy of a qualifying technical test.

  • Open Division—Open to all competitors
  • Amateur Division—Open to competitors holding a US Equestrian (USEF) Amateur card.
  • Junior/Young Rider - Open to all competitors under 22 years of age.

Juniors and Young Riders, Champions and Reserve at the JR YR Championships will be automatically qualified for CDS Championships in each division.


Art. 808. Amateur Status. In the Dressage Division, individuals are only eligible to compete as amateurs from the beginning of the calendar year in which they reach age 22. See Art. 1919.3.