The CDS Eexecutive Board had a meeting February 7th to discuss the results of the survey and for Northern Regional Director Tracy Underwood to present her motion to amend the changes approved by the board at the board meeting last November. The biggest challenge facing the CDS championship show is the tight schedule. Many of the November changes were made in an effort to free up time in the schedule and help support the growth of the show. Member feedback led us to putting out a survey after the annual meeting. This feedback together with the survey led us to amend the changes. Attached please find the survey results and minutes from the meeting detailing the discussion and amendments.
Sincerely, Kevin Reinig CDS President 



CDS Executive Board Meeting - Conference Call

CDS Executive Board Meeting - Conference Call
February 7, 2018 7pm
Attendance: Tracy Underwood, Beth Coffey-Curle, Pat Hart, Nicole Bhathal, Kristin Young, Ellen Corob, Melissa Creswick, Joan Williams, Kevin Reinig. Absent: Brent Hicks, Michele Vaughn.

The Agenda was the discussion of the changes for Championships and the need to amend or rescind any of the previous changes made.

MOTION#1 - To amend the changes made to the Championship Show.
Tracy Underwood / Kristin Young All in favor. Passed unanimously

Detailed minutes of the conference call will be reviewed by the board and if the minutes are approved they will be emailed to all CDS members with the outline of the changes to the Championship Show.
All future Board Meeting minutes will be posted on the CDS website once the minutes have been approved by the board.

A 10 question survey was sent to all current CDS members. The Board focused the first discussion on the survey results concerning having one ride for HOY classes or eliminating the warmup and retaining the two ride format. The amateurs who responded to the survey clearly favored having two rides for the CDS HOY class. The Open riders were evenly divided about one or two rides for CDS HOY classes. Many respondents favored the top 12 only moving on to the second ride but unfortunately that could not be accommodated with the scheduling because of conflicts with other scheduled rides. The main goal of this suggested change to one HOY ride was to reduce the number of rides per day and keep the show to 5 arenas. The show grounds can accommodate more horses, just not more rides in a day. In 2017 we had 1108 rides. That is more rides than any other year. The target of the changes is to save time. The show needs 6-8 hours more to be able to produce award ceremonies and avoid ride conflicts.

The board acknowledged the value of the survey, which reflects the feedback of the membership. The survey let the membership give input on what is more or less important to have at championship, taking this into account as well as the necessity to cut some time in the schedule it is the responsibility of the board to create a special, successful championship.

If the warm ups were eliminated it would create some savings of time. However there will be the loss of class income. Riders are allowed to school in all the competition rings for two days at the start of the show so they would still have the opportunity to acquaint their horses with the arena they would be riding in. There is also the issue of the warm up trophies and they would have to be re-assigned and re-engraved.

Adding a third judge to the one-ride format was offered as an added benefit since the number of rides was reduced. Most riders did not particularly see this as an added benefit.

The board discussed implementing the top 12 option which the survey results indicated the membership would prefer over the one ride. The problem with that option is scheduling. It will be very difficult to schedule the top 12 riders moving on to the second ride in the championship and avoid conflicts. The board discussed having different championship structures for open riders and amateur riders. It is preferred to have a standard for all HOY classes but a compromise supported by survey results would be to have the Adult Amateur and Junior Riders have two rides for HOY Championship and the Open riders have only one ride for HOY Championship. The 2 judges vs 3 judges for the Open HOY classes was discussed and with the two different formats for the different divisions it would be difficult to have the Open HOY classes judged by 3 judges. It was decided that 2 judges would prevent logistic and scheduling difficulties. With the Open riders only getting one ride in front of two judges the entry fee was discussed. An evaluation of the number of open rides and the effect a reduction in the entry fee would have on the bottom line of the show was done as well as the time it would free up in the schedule and it was determined that a reduction in the entry fee is reasonable for the national level Open HOY classes.

The topic of the Futurity changes was also discussed. The board felt it was important to keep the Futurity about the young horse and have the overall standing be about the horse, not the division of the riders. With the Open and Amateur purses combined, there will be a larger purse for each of the age groups. In order to acknowledge the achievements of the amateur riders and allow them to compete against their peers in the Futurity, the board wanted to add an Adult Amateur Challenge award for the top three amateurs in each age group with a special ribbon and additional cash award and pin all Amateurs through 8th place.

The Board moved on to the amendments that Tracy Underwood proposed.

1. CDS will not apply to host the USDF Breeders Championships West Coast Final.
No change. No motion or vote needed.

2. The CDS 4, 5 and 6 year old Futurity Adult Amateur divisions will be combined back into the Open division.

This item shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

The CDS 4, 5, and 6 year old Futurity will each be an open division. All Adult Amateurs entered in the futurity divisions will be entered into the Adult Amateur Futurity Challenge at no extra charge. 
The Adult Amateur Futurity Challenge prize money will be awarded through third place in each division: 
1st - $150.00
2nd - $100.00
3rd - $75.00. 
Ribbons for the Adult Amateur Futurity Challenge will be awarded to 8th place for each age group. The Adult Amateurs in the Adult Amateur Futurity Challenge will also place in the open futurity winning all the prizes associated with it.
Tracy moved, Melissa second. All in favor. Passed unanimously.

3. CDS Horse Of the Year classes will now consist of one ride in front of three judges.

This item shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:

The 2018 CDS Championship Show shall provide two judges and a warm up ride for all Horse of the Year classes. Training through Fourth Level Horse of the Year classes shall provide Adult Amateurs and Juniors with two Horse of the Year rides. Open riders shall be provided with one Horse of the Year ride. The class fees for the Open divisions in Training through Fourth Levels shall be reduced from $175 to $125.
Tracy moved, Beth second. All in favor. Passed unanimously

4. Increase the prize money for CDS Horse Of the Year classes from $1,000 to $1,500.

This item shall be deleted in its entirety.
Tracy moved, Melissa second. All in favor. Passed unanimously

5. The qualifying score for First Level through Fourth Level Freestyles will be increased from 62% to 64%.

This item shall be deleted and replaced with the following:

First through Fourth Level Freestyle competitors shall be required to qualify with two scores of 64% or better from two different judges.
Tracy moved, Melissa second. All in favor. Passed unanimously

6. For CDS Championships and CDS JR/YR Championships there will be a nominating fee of $25 for horse/rider/level for all divisions of qualified riders.

This item shall be deleted and replaced with the following:

There will be a $25 nominating fee for horse/rider combinations participating in CDS Championship Shows. The $25 nomination fee will be used for funding the championship shows. This nomination fee shall not apply to Futurity classes.
Tracy moved, Kristin second. All in favor. Passed unanimously

Meeting adjourned 8:40pm



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