PETRA BELTRAN created a program that puts a harmonious partnership between horse and rider at the center. The goal of her program is to foster happy, willing horses and knowledgeable, compassionate riders. Partnerships of total trust. When this is achieved one feels complete ease with their horse partner and is confident trying anything new.

She brings her deep experience and exposure in renowned European riding schools and academies to White Horse Dressage. While in her native Czech Republic, she managed the State Stud Farm in Kladruby — the first woman to do so in the stud farm’s 450+ year history. There, she credits her work with Dr. Norbert Zalis (the stud farm’s head trainer), Egon von Neindorff , and Melissa Simms as influencing the trainer she is today. She also trained with Arthur Kottas from the Spanish Riding School. A long-time protege of the late Melissa Simms, Petra continues the tradition of European academic dressage into the next generation. 

To help her clients achieve this, Petra offers instruction in basic through advanced dressage, lunge lessons, cavaletti, in-hand and long line work. Individual lessons, full and part time training offered. 

For more details please contact Petra Beltran,
c: 650-678-1242 e: petra@whitehorsedressage.com


NW Dressage

FEI rider Nina Winternheimer offers high quality dressage lessons and training at the state-of-the-art facility Equinox Equestrian Center in La Tuna Canyon, Sun Valley. This must-see facility features a covered arena with mirrors, superb footing and much more. Nina was trained at the Swedish National Stud of Flyinge and focuses on bringing adult amateurs and their horses up the levels, following classical principles with humane methods while keeping it fun.

Website: nwdressage.com 

Phone: 323-559-1444

E-mail: nina@nwdressage.com


Experience with Integrity-is located in Santa Ynez, California andoffers full service Dressage Training, Lessons and Sales Programs for all levels, breeds and ages of horses and their riders. Trailer-in lessons and clinics welcome. Nicole is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist and an ‘L’ Program Graduate with Distinction. Nicole uses her 25 years of experience working for and with some of the industries best trainers and riders to find a program that fits each horse and rider as an individual so that they may achieve their goals. Nicole has proven experience in the show ring with many horses of many different breeds. With her husband Brad Price, she offers an exceptional young horse program developing well rounded horses for their future in Sport or pleasure. They incorporate riding outside, trails, cavaletti, longlining and exposure to all kinds of stimulus to prepare the youngsters for successful careers. Biomechanics, Pilates for the Riders and Physiotherapy for the horses are of special interest and Nicole hosts several clinics a year to continue her education with top industry professionals such as Jan Ebeling,-Olympian:Sarah Martin-USDF Cert. Inst., FEI rider and trainer with all medals, “L” grad with distinction; Janice Dulak, Pilates for Dressage Riders and Gail Williams, renowned veterinary physiotherapist from the UK. For the horse she views Dressage not only as a sport, but an art, and…as physical therapy to develop sound minds and sound bodies. Horses at the ranch enjoy customize work programs, daily turnout, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, supplement advice and world-class veterinary and farrier care. Stallion standing services also available as well as rehab and retirement programs. 





Nellie Martin-Giles is a bronze, silver, gold USDF medalist and a USDF certified instructor. Located at Shiloh West Equestrian Center in Castro Valley. Nellie is a patient and kind instructor that utilizes the dressage training scale as her guide to success. Nellie clinics with Heidi Gaian, and Joh Hinnemann regularly as her continuing education. She also arranges Heidi Gaian clinics at Shiloh.

Email: cnelryd@comcast.net

MKYOUNG Dressage

provides comprehensive and correct dressage training from beginning steps under saddle through to FEI, as well as kind and positive re-training for horses of all levels. Mary Young works to create a positive environment to help each student bloom into classically correct and effective riders. Whether showing, sales or personal advancement is your goal MKYoung Dressage ready to help you form a better future with your horses. Great rates, personalized attention, wonderful facility in San Marcos, CA. 

Contact Mary Young at 508-317-1778  m.k.young@live.com



MINT EQUINE is a dressage training center and sport horse rehabilitation service. Owned and operated by European dressage professionals, training follows the classical system of riding and focuses on correct and true basics which can be built upon to move up the levels with ease. Over forty years combined training and experience. Trained with some of the best dressage masters in the world. 
Comprehensive training packages offered to top standards. State of the art facility in the beautiful Santa Ynez valley. Friendly, relaxed and fun environment for you and your horse to learn! 

www.mintequine.com / 805-350-8494 / mintequine@gmail.com


MICHAEL LIEBERG is a Licensed German Reitlehrer FN- Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, the highest certification attainable as a German equine professional, training both the horse and rider. In the United States Michael earned the USDF Gold Medal. Michael has shown, ridden and trained numerous horses from training level to Grand Prix in Germany and the United States. During his time in Germany he trained students who place in the top ten in the German National Championships. Michael trained under such masters as Reitmeister Walter Koerner, Gerhard Bagdahn the 1981 German National Champion of the Professional Dressage Riders, Dr Joachim Boesche, President of the German National Judges Association and Olympic Judge Heinz Schuette.
Michael believes that excellent training, stabling, feeding, footing and care are the ingredients that optimize the horses’ ability to perform. Michael Lieberg Dressage is located at El Sueno Equestrian Center in Somis, California www.elsuenoequestrian.com. Somis offers the ideal climate for riding and El Sueno is a first-class equestrian center featuring a beautiful peaceful setting, friendly and professional management, a 100 x 220 covered arena, covered Liberty horse exerciser and extra large stalls with generous runs that allow the horse freedom of movement.
Michael Lieberg Dressage offers customized dressage training for the horse and rider, lessons, clinics and horse sales.

Please contact Michael Lieberg at 818-675-3771




MELONIE KESSLER is a USEF “S” Dressage Judge. She is also a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist with 30 years of teaching, training and showing horses in both Dressage and Hunters. She has trained and shown horses to regional, state and national championships from Training level through Grand Prix. In addition, she is a graduate of Pleasant Hollow Farms, located in Pennsylvania, with a diploma in riding, training, teaching and stable management. Her philosophy in teaching and training is to always show respect for the horse.

805-501-1816 Cell