TRIANA PANGRCIC is the current owner and head trainer of TRIANA’S DRESSAGE TRAINING specializing in promoting and training horses up thru the levels to FEI, finding the best equine partner for you, and coaching you and your horse to communicate clearly so you can both bring out the best in each other. 
She has extensive experience working for and with top professional in the U.S. and abroad including: Nancy Later (qualifier for US Olympic Festival ‘95), Sue Blinks (Olympic team member, world cup competitor and silver medalist), Mary Anne Grant (long listed rider for US Olympic team ’00), Carole Grant (double gold medalist Pan America Games ’83), Nona Garson (Olympic team member ’00), Ellen Bontje (3 time Olympian and Silver Medalist), Conrad Schumacher (coach to numerous Olympians), Dierick Wickmen (coach to ’03 Dominican Republic Pan AM team), and Oded Shimomi (competitor in the World Equestrian Games ’98). For over a decade and a half Triana has kept the well-being of the horses in her care and the goals of her students in the forefront of her focus while being highly competitive with numerous wins, championships, top finishes, and awards. In addition to accepting horses in training and being available for clinics Triana’s Dressage Training also has a select number of horses available for sale, lease, and lessons. Triana’s Dressage Training is located at the beautiful Savoir Faire Stables in San Marcos which includes many amenities for great care for your horse and your comfort.

Visit Triana’s website at http://trianasdressagetraining.com or contact Triana directly at (561)676-8478or trianavestal@yahoo.com and let her guide your journey to get you and your horse(s) where you want to go.


Tressa’s has trained horses professionally for over 20 years but she has ridden all of her life. Through the years she has traveled & studied in Europe, and ridden with various dressage instructors such as Lilo Fore, Claus Bergner, Gerhard Politz, Jan Ebeling, Baron Hans Von Blixen Fineche, Gwen Stockebrand, and others, exploring the subtle differences in dressage philosophy and techniques. It was not until she met Melissa Simms, former head rider and instructor with the Reinstitute Von Neindorff, that she discovered the art of dressage that resonated for her. Tressa has assisted with and continues to train and sponsor clinics with Melissa.  Her main interest is true classical or traditional dressage which enhances the harmony between horse and rider. Her goal, as a classical rider and instructor, is to develop communication with the horse using the smallest of aids, creating relaxation, suppleness and balance. She teaches her students, through longe lessons, to have a good position and independent seat in order to give the correct aids to properly frame the horse. She welcomes students and horses of all levels, ages and abilities, ranging from beginners and individuals wishing to learn dressage, to riders who wish to actively compete and work their way up the levels.

Sonoma County (707) 829-0491



Tracey Hill is a successful FEI trainer and competitor located at Wyvern Farm in Martinez ( www.wyvernfarm.com). She worked for Olympian Steffen Peters for 3 years bringing her horse to the Grand Prix under his tutelage. Tracey also spent a year in Germany working for a top breeding facility with their young horses and stallions. She is a USDF "L" graduate with distinction that enjoys judging schooling shows and looks forward to participating in the USEF "r" program. Tracey's students have had wonderful success competing at all levels, some even as high as: NAJYRC, Young Horse Championships and the Brentina Cup. Tracey accepts students at any level and looks forward to watching the progress of her current group in the upcoming show season.

Feel free to stop by or call to inquire about training options!

Email: t4curioso@yahoo.com 

Phone: 707-481-2799



Terry Church was “classically trained” through the FEI levels in the United States and Germany, and works with horses and riders at all levels of dressage. Although she has competed for a number of years, her primary intention is to help riders become aware of the kind of relationship needed to gain full responsiveness and cooperation with their horse while maintaining their horse’s ability to enjoy their work, at home or in the competition arena. This is done without force, extra equipment, or manipulative devices. Through finding this greater harmony with horses, Terry has found that people experience a much greater sense of purpose and personal fulfillment as well as enabling themselves a far broader understanding of the horse, a greater propensity for patience, the ability to problem-solve and think creatively/independently, and a higher capacity for “feel.” All of these abilities are vital components that allow for the true meaning of dressage to be expressed into form.

Terry is currently offering clinics in horsemanship and dressage throughout the United States. Please see her web site for full details and contact info: www.naturalsporthorse.com


Tannenlück Dressage offers a full range of services, which includes clinics at your farm, for dressage enthusiasts from the amateur to the professional, Training Level through Grand Prix. Volker Brommann is originally from Germany and is a licensed German Bereiter & Reitlehrer, F.N. with over 20 years of experience. Volker began training with Klaus Balkenhol in 1995 and continues to have a working relationship with Mr. Balkenhol.

For more information visit Tannenlück Dressage on line, call (775) 354-8455, or send an email: volkerbrommann@yahoo.com.


USDF Certified Trainer / Instructor. Susann Regalmuto started her riding career in her hometown of Karlsruhe, Germany. She continued studying dressage with Mr. Neindorff and began show jumping with the eminent Guenther, successfully completing her "Reiterabzeichen" - Silver certification, which enabled her to compete in the highest levels of dressage and jumping in Europe.

In 1995, Ms. Regalmuto relocated to Maui, Hawaii, where she was a founding member of the Hawaii State Dressage Society. Ms. Regalmuto brought her talents to California in 1999 where she has taught and trained ever since.

Susan conducts clinics in the Western United States and Hawaii. She achieved her USDF Rider Performance Awards for Training – First and Second Level and is also a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist. Competing on the IALHA and IFSHA show circuit since 2006, she won several Regional and National Championship titles. Regal Equestrian Center is currently located at Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace, I5 minutes away from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank.

(951) 515-7133  




Sue Martin Dressage is now accepting a limited number of training horses. Sue is an experienced Grand Prix competitor, having qualified and competed 3 times at the National Dressage Championships and trained many horses successfully through the FEI levels. She is currently training at Shelburne Farms in Hidden Valley, a lovely private facility offering excellent care and a peaceful setting. Sue offers personalized training programs for horses and riders of all levels. Sales and clinics also available.

Contact Sue at (303) 619-5365 or suemartindressage@gmail.com


SUSAN HOFFMAN PEACOCK has truly unique and inclusive training system for horses and riders. She breaks the learning process into easily understood topics that are pertinent to successful progression and understanding. Learning is broken down into Three topics; Logical Progression, Biomechanics and Goal Setting. It is amazing how quickly difficult topics can be understood when information is introduced to horses and riders is this clear method.
She utilized these topics while she earned the highest instructor/trainer certification offered by the United States Dressage Federation. Susan has successfully shown all levels of dressage and is a current FEI competitor. She holds both regional and national titles in multiple disciplines. She owns and operates her own dressage training facility in Southern California, USA. Susan can often be found teaching clinics, camps and intensive programs around the country. She has a very successful apprentice program that has already produced successful graduates who are currently working in the equine industry. She has presented her unique program as a guest lecturer at the USDF Graduate Young rider Program as well as at the USPC National Convention.

Contact 909/227-6404


SUSAN DERR DRAKE has shown 116 Grand Prixs, trained many beginners through Grand Prix riders and horses and cliniced in many states since 1972. Now, Susan teaches the softer side of dressage to those wanting to do what is for the horse's highest good from alignment of the rider's position, to biomechanically correct timing of aids to nutritional and energetic support modalities wholistically. Susan currently teaches and trains at the beautiful Valley View Farm (www.KristinaNovak.com) in Santa Ynez, California. This is a wonderful place and trainer to send your horse for rest and rehabilitation.




Nestled in the hills of Moorpark among the avocado and lemon groves is AA Ranch, the home of STC Dressage. We are a full-service training and competition stable which specializes in developing young horses, in addition to our regular training clientele. We offer discounted rates for breeders, and can offer all services necessary including presenting horses in-hand for Keurings, starting them under saddle, assisting with sales, and developing them all the way up to FEI levels.    AA Ranch is a quiet, park-like setting with breathtaking views, gorgeous landscaping throughout, full-size dressage arena, covered round pen, access to safe trails, a 14 stall center-aisle barn and 20 stall malibu barn. Turnout is available. 

You can reach Sean at 815-861-3005 or sean@stcdressage.com. Visit us on the web at www.stcdressage.com for more information about what we have to offer.