Angela Ridgway is an FEI level dressage trainer and instructor. She has been creating independent, thinking riders since 1990 and believes in a quiet, subtle approach to training. Angela focuses on bio-mechanics of both horse and rider to create "balance in movement". Emphasis is placed on helping riders achieve a functional, effective, and elegant position. She is teaching and training out of Arriba Vista Ranch, set on 220 acres in the rolling foothills of beautiful Sunol Valley on Highway 680 between Pleasanton and Fremont.

For information regarding training or clinics, call (925) 895-2377 or email: ridgwaydressage@gmail.com



Amelia is one of the few trainers who can take an unbroken young horse and train it all the way up to the Grand Prix. Amelia offers a unique combination of natural horsemanship and classical dressage training to create a trusting and confident relationship between horse and rider. She has a solid background in starting young horses and in developing “problem” horses into competitive dressage horses. The focus with the horses is always to develop both their confidence and respect for the rider. Amelia has successfully competed numerous “problem” horses and horses that she started herself under saddle through the Grand Prix. Amelia is also passionate about teaching and helping her students progress with their horses. Amelia also specializes in the piaffe and passage training and starts the horses with the work in hand. She values her education and frequently clinics with Juan Matute, Morten Thompsen, and Christine Traurig. Amelia hopes to one day represent the U.S. at the Olympics. She is located at Spirit Equestrian Center in Somis, CA and Amelia is willing to travel to your facility!

Contact: 720/838-0990




Allida Allen is located in Soquel, California, between Watsonville and Santa Cruz. Allida is an FEI level trainer and competitor who has worked and trained in England and Germany. She offers 19 years of experience training with some of the best trainers including Karin Rhebein and Sandy Pfleuger and showing for some of the top facilities in the world including Paxton Farms and Gronwohldhof. Her philospophy reflects a classic training style and she believes in training correctly from the beginning in order to achieve true harmony with the horse. She and her students have enjoyed success at all levels of showing. Allida is based out of two barns, minutes apart, that offer all the amenities a horse and rider competing at any level might need. Excellent feed and footing combined with a fitness program that includes turn out and trail rides keep the horses physically and mentally sound.

Email training@ajadressage.com or phone (805) 712-7355.


Dr.Gail Hoff is the creator of Harmonic Dressage ® , a method of training which focuses upon balance, harmony, and performance through systematic steps based on the classical training scale as applied to the biomechanics of each individual horse and the needs of each rider. With more than 50 years of experience, Gail is a USEF “S" Dressage judge, “R" Western Dressage judge and “R" Dressage Sport Horse Breed judge, USDF Gold Medalist, Grand Prix level Dressage trainer, coach, clinician and sport horse breeder. She has the unique ability to quickly diagnose the weakest links a rider at any level is facing and find methods to implement improvement. 
Owner of Los Alamos Dressage Center located in Ojai, CA, Gail teaches throughout Ventura Co, Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez and does clinics and seminars nationwide. 

Contact: 805 212-6999,